The Outdoor Festival Layout Process

Event Planning Workflow & Process

We recognize that each event planner has their own workflow and process for planning out their events. Our event map creator tool doesn’t force you to change your process, it improves it by integrating into your process and workflow, addressing the pain points and challenges you face and making your whole process easier, faster, more efficient, less expensive, and more manageable. Click here to start your free trial.  Click here to contact us for a tour.

The EventMapStudio  event layout software revolutionizes the process of building an event site plan with our new, proprietary four step automated process.

Step 1: Build Your Map

  • Create your own festival map and visualize your event on real maps, at scale
  • Design your special event by draging and droping items such as stages, gates, generators, tents, trucks,and fencing using our event layout software.
  • Resize and reposition items on real maps using our proprietary WYSIWYG intuitive user interface


Step 2: Enhance Your Map


Step 3: Share Your Map

  • Generate detailed reports of all the items on your map, including geolocation information
  • Print customized maps of your event for different specific uses
  • Access your site plan from anywhere and share your securely stored maps with partners, government agencies, and vendors
  • Share real-time web and mobile friendly geo-enabled event maps  with your event's audience
  • Share and promote you sustainability plans, and the sustainable options available at your event with your audience by automatically publishing them as a link from your public map.


Step 4: Reuse & Refine Your Map

  • We know create an event map is an iterative process, that is why our tool supports changes.Changes are easy to make. Changes to your layout are instantaneously also visible in the excel reports or on the eventgoer map without having to manually make the changes in separate places.
  • Is your event yearly, semi-annual or more frequent? Don’t start from scratch each time. Duplicate your existing event and simply start adding, deleting and editing items already on the map
  • Keep each event’s map archived online and quickly accessible at any time with our event layout software