Sustainability in Events


A Multi-Layered Approach to Event Sustainability

EventMapStudio has an innovative multi-layered event planning approach to help you improve your event sustainability.

What is revolutionary in EventMapStudio's  approach to sustainability is that our software transparently integrates sustainability expertise to the actual task of mapping an event. This knowledge is directly actionable and accessible to you, at your fingertips, as you layout your event. Sustainability is not just one step in the process, it is blended in at every step. We do this in multiple ways:

At event definition

At event definition, you can specify different sustainability-relevant attributes of your event, such as the existence of a plan to reduce the transportation carbon footprint of the public, or a recycling plan. At this point you can specify the plans....or start thinking about getting help to put some in place.

At event layout

As you build your event layout, EventMapStudio drives you towards a more sustainable event  in two ways:

  1. EventMapStudio makes environmentally-friendly options, item types and properties, available to you. For example, you can select to use fossil fuel or hybrid vehicles, regular toilets or dry/compost ones. Moreover, the user interface helps you distinguish which options are more sustainable by presenting them in green.
  2. EventMapStudio provides you with real-time actionable feedback on the sustainability of your event design. At each step of your design our algorithm continuously computes this feedback along five crucial dimensions of sustainability:
    1. Power
    2. Water & Sanitation
    3. Food
    4. Transportation
    5. Social/Health

The real time feedback is at two levels. You get a red/orange/green overall area rating for each of the five areas, as well as a detailed explanation for the rating, and how to improve it.

Using event intelligence

Our event planning software also includes sustainability wizards which automate eco-friendly options. The Transit Locator which lets you identify and select public transportation options around your event location is such a wizard. The Spatial Analysis tool can be leveraged to optimize your Solid Waste management program, streamline the placement of water refill stations, or improve the distribution of sustainable food options.

Getting Feedback

At any point in time you can get feedback on the sustainability of your event by simply generating a sustainability report. Our sustainability report will rate your event on 4 sustainability dimensions:

  1. Power
  2. Water & Sanitation
  3. Food
  4. Transportation

as well as provide you with an overall sustainability rating.

Sharing & educating

Finally our event planning software lets you share many of your sustainability choices with your eventgoers by allowing you to seamlessly generate a public mobile-friendly map of your event. For example, attendees can see if you provide locally produced food, sustainable charging stations, or carpool parking. Beyond just presenting the public with eco-friendly options, you are now educating them on the choices you have made, and the ones they can make also .

For a detailed example of how our event design software addresses Transportation/Mobility click here to see our final SustainableCincy 5 minute presentation.

Of course this software-based sustainability help should be seen only as a complement, by no means a replacement,  to human-based expert sustainability planning, and goal-setting.