Why do you need a map?

I want to build an event map to scale

Click here for a short video on how to create an event map using our festival site map creator, or just start your free trial.

I want a map my audience can view on their phone

Click here to see the  video on how to easily create a public map of your event for your web site and event app. Click here to view a sample public map built with our festival layout software.

I want to make my event more sustainable 

Read our general approach to event sustainability or how our event mapping software can help on solid waste management, food, transportation, water, energy, & well being. Read about promoting sustainability with your audience using our event map maker. Use our free trial offer and start leveraging Artificial Intelligence to build more sustainable events.

I work for a city. We want to simplify our event map review & approval process

View a short video about how our event map maker can help with event review & approval.           
Schedule a conversation to discuss how our event map creator can simplify your event map approval process, and help you save time and money while improving compliance at the same time. Read about the end of the sustainability check list.