Some quick answers to reoccurring questions on EventMapStudio .
I have a problem resizing a particular map items

Sometimes a map item  will not resize correctly when I change its height or width. You should select it and then double-click on it. The item will now be reset and your resizing issue will be over.

The angles of one of my rectangles are not 90' angles

Sometimes a map item  has abnormal angles. Select  the map item and then double-click on it. The item will now be reset and all its angles will be 90'.

I have an item on my map and want to change its item type. Do I have to delete it and replace it with another item?

No, it is much simpler than that.

  • select your item,
  • go to the Object Inspector 
  • select the new type of your item.


The item wiill have a new type but all the properties you have already set will remain set. Note that this does not apply for perimeter items.

Can I share my maps with vendors and governement agencies?

you can share the data in 4 ways:

1) Print the image of the map. You can use the Generate jpg  function in the contextual menu/left click on the map for this. You can filter the items on hte map using the view palette

2)  Generate a report and share the resulting Excel. You can give a vendor the sheet that relates to them, for instance the tent sheet to the tent vendor, or the sanitation sheet to the garbage and recycling vendor. 

3) You can share the map live in our system as a read only map. To do this, the third party needs to have an account in our system ( that is free, we charge per map, not per seat). One they have a account you can

     - go to your home screen,

     - click on share,

      - add member,

      - type their user name in the User field,

      - and select viewer as their Role.

     - You can also select another role but that will give them the write access. as a viewer they will only see the View Tab and be able to zoom in/out and change the type of the map.

4) You can use the QuickShare command to generate a read-only link to the map and email it to whomever you want to share it with. This link will be valid for a period of time, from 1 week to forever. You can set this period by selecting it in your map's record. It is set by the Length of validity of Quickshare links attribute  under the Map Display  section.

How can I improve event sustainability?

EventMapStudio has a multi-layered approach to improving your event sustainability.

- At event definition, you can specify different sustainability-relevant attributes of your event, such as the existence of plans such as a plan to reduce the transportation carbon footprint of the public, or a recycling plan. At this point you can specify the plans....or start thinking about getting help to put some in place.

- As you build your event layout, EventMapStudio makes environmentally-friendly options, item types and properties, available to you. Moreover, the user interface helps you distinguish which options are more sustainable by presenting them in green.

-  EventMapStudio also includes sustainability wizards which automate eco-friendly options. The Transit Locator is such a wizard.

- At any point in time you can get feedback on the sustainability of your event by simply generating a sustainability report. Our sustainability report will rate your event on 4 sustainability dimensions:

  1. Power
  2. Water & Sanitation
  3. Food
  4. Transportation

as well as provide you with an overall sustainability rating.

Of course this software-based sustainability help should be seen only as a complement, by no means a replacement,  to human-based expert sustainability planning, and goal-setting.



Sometimes the rollover on map items gets in the way of what I am trying to draw

You can temporarily deactivate the rollover.

  1. Open the view palette,
  2. UI Element visibility
  3. Hide object properties on hover.


You can get a quick intro on general palette functionalities at https://www.eventmapstudio.com/training/135/palettes

Is there a text tool?

There is no Text tool per-se, but there are several ways to add text to your map,mostly by using the annotation tool.The annotation tool allows you to add text to the map, size it, rotate it, move it, and color it. You can use a line anotation to draw a callout on your map, with the line stretching between the area you want to call out and the text itself. You can also make the line so short that the text stands by itself. Finally you can us an area marker annotation to frame your text.

Don't forget you can also display descriptive text for each item as part of its number label by checking  the Show object label in the Object Inspector or the project palette.

and you can position the numbers/labels manually by 

  • selecting te object
  • holding the Alt Key ( this used to be the shift key)
  • draging the mouse


Can I download an entire map portion rather than segments on screen

The printout only works with what is currently visible on the screen. One useful trick is to rotate the map to match your screen  which is wider than higher. Also you can go to full screen ( top right button on the map), and use the background menu ( click the mouse and hold the ctrl key) to generate the image.  What you see on the screen might look small, but the image we generate can be zoomed in a lot once you open the png file we generate. https://www.eventmapstudio.com/training/278/rotating-your-map 

Can I redo labels/numbers - rename elements?

You can go to the project palette, Object/item numbers and  “renumber all Map Items” it will renumber all the object from left/top to right/bottom. To rename individual objects you need to edit them one by one, changing their Object Name in  the Object inspector palette. A known issue is theat the list in the view palette does not update properly. If you want to use it you will have to save your map and reload it.

You might have an item whose number you do not want to change, regardless of its position. You can lock a number by selecting the given item and selecting Lock Number from the contextual menu (right click or CTRL click on a Mac). The number will not be changed by the renumber functionality. To release a Loked number, select Unlock Number from the contextual menu.


And remember you always position the numbers/labels manually by 

  • selecting the object
  • holding the Alt Key ( this used to be the shift key)
  • draging the mouse

Simplifying line and polygons.

Sometimes you want to simplify a line you have drawn. This can be true for Annotations, Perimeters, or Infrastructures. You can do it by following these steps:

  • Select the item you want to simplify
  • Move the mouse over the item. A the junction between segments, a blue spot will appear.
  • To delete the point corresponding to this blue spot, click on it while pressing the alt key.

This will delete the point and recompute the line, or perimeter, without the deleted point.

Is there a way I can stop my anotations from moving everytime I click on them?

You have drawn anotations on your map to delimit all the main areas of your event. When you click on map items you sometimes inadvertently click on the anotation under it instead. You can deactivate anotations by checking the Lock Anotations checkbox under Object/Items Numbers on the Project palette. If at any time you want to change an anotation you will have to momentarily uncheck the checkbox.

Are there some useful key combinations I should know?

Indeed there are!

Rotating Objects

Hold the CTRL key and press the left or right arrow key to rotate the current selection by 1 degree. Hold the Shift key also to rotate 22.5 degree.

Moving Object Numbers

Hold the Alt key while dragging ONE selected item to move the position of its number vis a vis its main body.


Moving Objects straight

Hold the Shift key while dragging a selction to constrain the move to either a horizontal or a vertical move, whichever is the greeatest.


Deleting Objects

Hold the Shift and delete keys to delete the currenly selected items.


Moving  Objects

Press any arrow keys to move the current selection in the direction by one pixel. Hold the Shift key also to move the selection by 5 pixels.


Reseting Object Position

Double click on an items to reset its position and move its number right below it. Hold the Shift key to only reset the number position.


Rotating Map Overlay

Hold the Ctrl and Alt keys to rotate the overlay.


Hiding the Property Rollover Popup

Press the Alt and Windows/Command keys to temporarily close the property rollover window.



When I created my event I forgot to specify an address. Can I add an address?

- If you have not edited and saved your actual map, then no problem. Just go back to the event, enter the address and save. Next time you open the map it will open at the address you just entered.

- If you have already edited and saved the map, then the map location is saved as is. You can still go and edit the address in the event, but this will have no effect on the map itself.

- At any point you can select all the items on your map and either moe them to a new location or delete them, then move to a different location on your map and start again.

The bottom line is that once you have saved your map once, the location of the map and the address of the event are independent.


Happy Mapping.


Alternate object color option might not be working? I can't seem to change it from black

  Depending on the browser it might be a little tricky. 

  1.         select the object you want to change
  2.         go to the object inspector
  3.         click on the colored rectangle
  4.         select the color using the pop-up window
  5.         Once you selected the color , you have to click on the rectangle again to register the change.