Our Partners in Festival Mapping

EventMapStudio partners with a variety of international technology companies and civic players to help improve the way people live and interact at events all over the world.


Reeve is  a leading civic initiative in Nantes France, with the goal of incorporating sustainabiity in events to combat global warming.
InterPride brings together Pride organizations from around the world, as well as regional, national, and local Pride networks, therefore contributing to the global coordination of Pride efforts. InterPride currently gathers over 400 organizations from more than 70 countries. InterPride recognizes four levels of membership: full, associate, affiliate, and provisional membership. Membership includes benefits among which a 10% discount on the purchase price of EventMapStudio.
SustainableCincy is a 9-week hybrid model accelerator program for early-stage startups in the environmental sustainability space. Companies who are accepted to participate in the SustainableCincy program will receive coaching, connections, and pitch opportunities to advance their innovative solutions. SustainableCincy 's target impact areas include transportation, industry (materials & manufacturing), building, energy, and environmental justice.
Some years ago Citybikes wanted to create an android app for their local bike sharing system and found out there was no open data available to do so. Other systems around the world had exactly the same problem.

Instead of creating yet-another-app, Citybikes created Citybikes, a project that provides bike sharing data for apps, research and projects to use.

To date Citybikes supports more than 400 cities and the Citybikes API is the most widely used dataset for building bike sharing transportation projects.