Training videos

Create your first event, get to the map location automagically, and set your first stage.

See how to add a map item.

General overview of all the functionality of the system, and where to find what.

See how to create new items on your layout and set their properties.

Learn about multi-select, groups, alignment, spacing, duplicate.

Two ways to multi select, multi create, rotate a group, snap an item and its number into place, drag/position a number vis a vis its item


Since we made this video the way to drag an item number has changed. You now will need to hold the ALT key instead of the shif key.

Select ONE item from a group (alt key) , snap number only (shift key), delete item (shift key).

You can generate a report of all the items on your map. You get a Microsoft excel spreadsheet of all the items, sorted by item categories such as tents, toilets, generators,etc.. For each item you get an complete list of all its properties, including its exact longitude and lattitude. These lists are extremely useful to manage your event, generate Request For Proposals (RFPs),and to share with vendors in charge of setting up.

The report  also includes a sustainability report with a sustainability summary, and specific sustainability reports focusing on water & sanitation, energy use, food, and, transportation.

Add fences, utility lines, and paths to your layout. EventMapStudio automatically keeps track of the length of the lines you draw, and includes the total length for each category of items in your report. To shorten a line, click on a blue dot while holding the alt key.

Generate an interactive responsive event map to increase customer engagment and help event-goers orient themselves. This mobile-friendly map enables the public to find different services, products, and locations such as stages, toilets, beer, charging station, information desk, first aid, vegan, vegetatian and locally produced food, etc..

Any changes in your map instantly updates the map your eventgoers see. No more waiting (and paying) on a third-party vendor to build or update your event's map.

As the map designer you decide which items are visible on the mobile/public map. You can also include a graphical overlay to make your map fancier.

2 simple steps:

  1. In the Map Display section of your event definition check the  Visible to the general Public checkbox
  2. For each item you want visible on the public map, select the item, and either select Export Item from the pop-up menu (right click) OR go to the Advanced Options section of the Object Inspector palette and click on Visible on export map. 

Remember an item can only be visible on the eventgoer map if it has properties that are exportable. Except for certain types of objects (toilets, stages, entrances, public transportation, parking) the object itself is not exported, only its propertis are. For example a tent will not be visible on hte public map, only its properties such as lockers or vegan food  will.

Generate  a 3D vision of your event.The width and length are real and to scale, thus enabling you to have a realistic view of how your event will layout, in particular how spaced out your map items will be.The heights are simulated based on item category. This 3D simulaton is simply based on the powerful satellite maps and street maps and data included with EventMapStudio and on the layout data YOU captured using our powerful technology. No need for an expensive team to spend weeks on site conducting a geographic survey of your venue.

You can draw areas on the map and automatically calculate their surfcae are as well as their maximum occupancy based on the minimum social distancing criteria you have entered for your event.

It is important to understand the public transit landscape around your event. Knowing where the public transit access points are will help you better layout your event, in particular entrances and exits. Also, providing this information to the public is one of the best ways to encourage attendees and employees to use mass transit. Not a bad idea when numerous studies have shown a large part of events' carbon footprint is due to transportation!

Sometimes the site of your event is oriented North/South and  it would be nicer to rotate your map so it takes the whole witdth of your monitor which is wider than higher, ans still see your whole site. EventMapStudio lets you do this by holding the Shift and Alt keys and dragging your map. On an Apple computers hold the Option and Shift keys.