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Our event map creator enables you to quickly and easily create, manage, analyze, and share compliant event layouts to scale.          
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Tent booths layout at Street fair.

Layout & Manage your Booths

Booths are often the most numerous and complex items in an event layout. Describe their size and location, and also functionality and power source in detail thanks to our extensive set of tags, such as food, beer, vegetarian, merchandise, information, first aid, lost & found, etc. A lot more than just placing rectangles and lines on a map!...and our event map maker makes sure everything is to scale.

You Can't Manage What You Don't Track

Do you know the number of accessible toilets, of nearby bus stops, of solar powered generators, of vendors offering vegan food at your event? As a city or a multi-event company, do you know this aggregate information across all of your events? Capture all this data on your map using EventMapsStudio and leverage detailed reports and data exports to help you better track, analyze, understand, and manage important economic and sustainability indicators.
Equalizer - You can't manage what you don't track.
Social distancing at public event

Social Distancing & Hand Cleansing/Washing

Our festival map maker helps you manage social distancing by computing the maximum occupancies for areas based on your social distancing criterion. You can also leverage the Spatial Analysis wizard to perfect the positions and coverage of handwashing, first aid, security, and hand sanitizer stations in your event diagram.

Generate a Mobile Event Locator Map for Eventgoers

Automatically generate an interactive mobile geo-enabled festival locator map for event-goers. It can help the public find items of interest such as parking, water fountains, toilets, food (vegetarian, locally-sourced, vegan,etc.), drinks, stages, charging stations, merchandise, information booth, baby stations, or any other item you include. Vendors and sponsors will appreciate the additional placement & visibility.
Mobile event map as a means to educate  about sustainability.
Plastic Garbage at Music Festival

Manage Recycle, Compost, & Garbage Bins

Our festival site map maker software has a strong focus on responsible consumption. We help you ensure you provide the necessary infrastructure for solid waste management, composting and recycling, and most importantly food and energy, in the very beginning of your planning and layout process.

Keep Track of Food Trucks

Keep track of your food trucks…and your draft trailers, refrigerated trucks, vans, mobile offices, trailers, cars, buses, water lines, faucets, tents, stages, generators, and much more. Keep track of their size and location, but also of their detailed characteristics such as functionality and power source. Or better yet, let our event layout software do it for you.
Food truck at Farmer's market
Solar energy for Events

Make your Event more Sustainable

Our event layout software helps you address sustainability through water and energy conservation, fair-trade, responsible food consumption, and waste reduction. As you layout your event you get suggestions and feedback about sustainable options. You can also generate a report on how your event stacks up.

Plan Sanitation

Sanitation is an integral if often unappreciated part of festival planning. With our event mapping software you can include accessible, water-less, or composting options in your event site plan. Generate complete lists, including exact geolocation, for your Request For Proposals, or for your vendors at delivery and setup.
Portable toilets at music festival
Transportation for events - tram and bicycle

Integrate Transportation in your Event Diagram

Transportation is key to managing the special event experience and reducing your carbon footprint. Our festival mapping software helps you leverage the existing public transportation to provide convenient access to the public, and encourage sustainable & responsible transportation  by including this information in your published event site plans.

Manage your Stages

Stages are at the heart of music festivals. Our music festival layout software helps you precisely position your stages, and mixing stations on your event map, and layout any necessary fencing, lighting, generators, public, VIP, restricted areas, and artist trailers. We make event diagramming easy.
Stage at a music festival.

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