Event-goer Map/Mobile Map

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Generate an interactive responsive event map to increase customer engagment and help event-goers orient themselves. This mobile-friendly map enables the public to find different services, products, and locations such as stages, toilets, beer, charging station, information desk, first aid, vegan, vegetatian and locally produced food, etc..

Any changes in your map instantly updates the map your eventgoers see. No more waiting (and paying) on a third-party vendor to build or update your event's map.

As the map designer you decide which items are visible on the mobile/public map. You can also include a graphical overlay to make your map fancier.

2 simple steps:

  1. In the Map Display section of your event definition check the  Visible to the general Public checkbox
  2. For each item you want visible on the public map, select the item, and either select Export Item from the pop-up menu (right click) OR go to the Advanced Options section of the Object Inspector palette and click on Visible on export map. 

Remember an item can only be visible on the eventgoer map if it has properties that are exportable. Except for certain types of objects (toilets, stages, entrances, public transportation, parking) the object itself is not exported, only its propertis are. For example a tent will not be visible on hte public map, only its properties such as lockers or vegan food  will.

An event-goer map that shows you serve vegan, vegetarian, and locally produced food, that shows you sell eco-responsible merchandise, that includes public transit options, bicycle, carpool, and electric car parking, that points out water bottle refill stations, and that shows car-sharing pickup & dropoff areas is the best way to promote sustainability.