Tips of the Day

Specify your map items in detail through properties.Ā  Vegetarian, Beer, First Aid, Solar Power, Ticket Booth... Better information for better event management.
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The longitude/latitude of the current mouseĀ position is displayed in the top right corner of the map. The longitude and latitude of each map item are also listed in your excel reports.

To change an item's type, select the item, then select a different item type in the dropdown of the Object Inspector. This only works for rectangle items.

To delete an item use the Delete button on the Object Inspector, orĀ  use the delete key while also holding the shift key.

To drag an item on the map in a straighter way hold the shift key while dragging. Or use the arrow keys. Holding the shift key while using the arrows move the items faster.

To straighten an item and its number double click on the item. To straighten the number ONLY double click while holding the shift key.

Use the Public Transit wizard to provide sustainable transportation solutions for your event.
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Use the Public Transit wizard. to provide the public with public transportation options for your event,
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Want to encourage the use of bicycle to help the environment? Place Bicycle Parking items near entrances, and use the Transit Locator wizard to locate bicycle Sharing locations.