Reduce Cost On Event Maps

A solid Solid Waste Plan is an important tool towards a sustainableĀ  zero-waste event . A good rule of thumb from SWACO, the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio, is to have recycle, waste, and compost bins grouped together and placedĀ  every 30-40 yards. This is not easy to achieve manually. You can use the Spatial Analysis tool in EventMapStudio to efficiently layout your recycle bins.

Generate an interactive event map to increase customer engagement and help event-goers orient themselves. This mobileĀ  map enables the public to find different services products and locations such as stages toilets beer charging station information desk first aid vegan vegetarian and locally produced food etc..

Any changesĀ  even last minute ones Ā  in your plans instantly updates the map your eventgoers see. No more waiting (and paying) on a third-party vendor to build or update an event map that will be outdated the minute you make any change on your master map.