Information Model

Evaluating site map maker software is complicated. Sometime extensive use is required because you can only identify weaknesses by using , trying, experimenting, and ultimately hitting a wall.Ā  But then it is too late..... Here are 5 criteria to Ā evaluate an outdoor eventĀ  mapping system BEFORE you invest too much time using it:

See how to add a map item in 4 easy steps.

  1. Select item type
  2. Set size of item
  3. Click the insert Item Button
  4. Click where you want to insert the item on the map

You can also set any item property you want before you insert the item.

Create your first event get to the map location automagically and set your firstĀ stage.

The map is to scale. You can generate reports of all the items on the map and generate a custom mobile-friendly public map that can be displayed on your web site or in your event's mobile app and share the map with you vendors or anybody else needing to see it such as the police or fire departments.