Can I redo labels/numbers - rename elements?

You can go to the project palette, Object/item numbers and  “renumber all Map Items” it will renumber all the object from left/top to right/bottom. To rename individual objects you need to edit them one by one, changing their Object Name in  the Object inspector palette. A known issue is theat the list in the view palette does not update properly. If you want to use it you will have to save your map and reload it.

You might have an item whose number you do not want to change, regardless of its position. You can lock a number by selecting the given item and selecting Lock Number from the contextual menu (right click or CTRL click on a Mac). The number will not be changed by the renumber functionality. To release a Loked number, select Unlock Number from the contextual menu.


And remember you always position the numbers/labels manually by 

  • selecting the object
  • holding the Alt Key ( this used to be the shift key)
  • draging the mouse