Text tool

Is there a text tool?

There is no Text tool per-se, but there are several ways to add text to your map,mostly by using the annotation tool.The annotation tool allows you to add text to the map, size it, rotate it, move it, and color it. You can use a line anotation to draw a callout on your map, with the line stretching between the area you want to call out and the text itself. You can also make the line so short that the text stands by itself. Finally you can us an area marker annotation to frame your text.

Don't forget you can also display descriptive text for each item as part of its number label by checking  the Show object label in the Object Inspector or the project palette.

and you can position the numbers/labels manually by 

  • selecting te object
  • holding the Alt Key ( this used to be the shift key)
  • draging the mouse