How can I improve event sustainability?

How can I improve event sustainability?

EventMapStudio has a multi-layered approach to improving your event sustainability.

- At event definition, you can specify different sustainability-relevant attributes of your event, such as the existence of plans such as a plan to reduce the transportation carbon footprint of the public, or a recycling plan. At this point you can specify the plans....or start thinking about getting help to put some in place.

- As you build your event layout, EventMapStudio makes environmentally-friendly options, item types and properties, available to you. Moreover, the user interface helps you distinguish which options are more sustainable by presenting them in green.

-  EventMapStudio also includes sustainability wizards which automate eco-friendly options. The Transit Locator is such a wizard.

- At any point in time you can get feedback on the sustainability of your event by simply generating a sustainability report. Our sustainability report will rate your event on 4 sustainability dimensions:

  1. Power
  2. Water & Sanitation
  3. Food
  4. Transportation

as well as provide you with an overall sustainability rating.

Of course this software-based sustainability help should be seen only as a complement, by no means a replacement,  to human-based expert sustainability planning, and goal-setting.