Key Combinations

Are there some useful key combinations I should know?

Indeed there are!

Rotating Objects

Hold the CTRL key and press the left or right arrow key to rotate the current selection by 1 degree. Hold the Shift key also to rotate 22.5 degree.

Moving Object Numbers

Hold the Alt key while dragging ONE selected item to move the position of its number vis a vis its main body.


Moving Objects straight

Hold the Shift key while dragging a selction to constrain the move to either a horizontal or a vertical move, whichever is the greeatest.


Deleting Objects

Hold the Shift and delete keys to delete the currenly selected items.


Moving  Objects

Press any arrow keys to move the current selection in the direction by one pixel. Hold the Shift key also to move the selection by 5 pixels.


Reseting Object Position

Double click on an items to reset its position and move its number right below it. Hold the Shift key to only reset the number position.


Rotating Map Overlay

Hold the Ctrl and Alt keys to rotate the overlay.


Hiding the Property Rollover Popup

Press the Alt and Windows/Command keys to temporarily close the property rollover window.