Event Layout Process

It's one thing to help event producers design more sustainable events by providing a tool that embodies sustainability know-how and helps them transfer this knowledge into the event they design, it is quite another challenge to leverage this capability to influence the event-goers behavior. We provide the Event-goer critical sustainability information at the critical time of decision making. EventMapStudio implements 2 strategies to modify the event-goers' behavior and drive them to more sustainable behavior.

A solid Solid Waste Plan is an important tool towards a sustainable  zero-waste event . A good rule of thumb from SWACO, the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio, is to have recycle, waste, and compost bins grouped together and placed  every 30-40 yards. This is not easy to achieve manually. You can use the Spatial Analysis tool in EventMapStudio to efficiently layout your recycle bins.

Create your first event, get to the map location automagically and set your first stage.

The map is to scale. You can generate reports of all the items on the map and generate a custom mobile-friendly public map that can be displayed on your web site or in your event's mobile app and share the map with your vendors or anybody else needing to see it such as the police or fire departments.